Southern Wind – SW108 Hybrid: get ready for a smart experience

Southern Wind is proud to unveil the new SW108 Hybrid, the first in the new era of “smart custom” sailing yachts.

Southern Wind Smart Custom offers the ultimate balance between customization, innovation, reliability, sustainability and efficiency.

Penned by Nauta and Farr Yacht Design, the SW108 is a new project that will enrich our offering of high performance sailing yachts.

Engineered by SWS, the SW108 Hybrid will open the world of green sailing.


A perfect balance between customization, innovation, and well tested solutions.

The SW108 Hybrid is based on a versatile design platform,

conceived to be tailored to the highest expectations.


Energy efficient, environmentally conscious, cost effective, the SW108 HYBRID PROPULSION SYSTEM is designed to IMO Tier III compliance, in collaboration with a globally recognized partner leading in the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and automotive hybrid solution.

Thrilling sailing performances, hydropower generation and electric propulsion are meant to reduce the carbon footprint.


Smart custom offers an efficient decision and construction process. Based on well tested solutions, arranged by the owner’s input, SW108 Hybrid reaps the benefits of prior experience together with innovative new solutions .


This project shares the DNA of her 37 predecessors over 90ft

Reliable ocean-going performance yachts.

Enjoyable on the sea

Hybrid propulsion offers extended hours of operation with zero emissions in silent mode.

With an extra-wide beach club and a garage for a 5m tender,

SW108 Hybrid offers a unique experience on the sea.

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