HP Watermakers mounts generation desalinators on superyachts

Back in 1999, the Dubai Boat Show was the opportunity for HP Watermakers to land in the UAE and establish a collaboration with Gulf Craft – a relationship that continues to grow.

Majesty 100 and Nomad 95 SUV are the shipyard’s latest yachts to be equipped with HP Watermakers SCD 260 RP Tronic automatic desalinators, but they are just the tip of the iceberg: 6 Majesty 100s are currently under construction and all will be equipped with HP Watermakers machines. This achievement underlines the importance of this collaboration, which is growing to both parties’ mutual satisfaction.

“The reasons for the success of this collaboration are many,” explains Gianni Zucco, Co-founder of HP Watermakers. “The solution we developed with the SCD 260 RP Tronic models, specifically with the ones installed on the two recently launched yachts, was definitely a winner. What’s new is having two watermakers with the size of one. The advantages are easy to understand: with a footprint of only 1100x600x500 mm, essentially that of a single watermaker, we have two, which means successfully managing surges in demand for drinking water on board, while also being safe, with a guaranteed supply of water should one device fail. The compact size means less clutter in the engine room and the low weight (130 kg) is another undeniable advantage. But we managed to do even better. The HP Watermakers SCD 260 RP Tronic, the smallest of the range, has a production of around 320 l/h (2×160 l/h), but the top of the range, which produces 1200 l/h, is only 200 mm higher with the same base size.”

HP Watermakers has installed its latest generation watermakers on two new Gulf Craft superyachts
HP Watermakers has installed its latest generation watermakers on two new Gulf Craft superyachts

To this we must also add that HP Watermakers automatic desalinators are the first to be fully compatible with the on-board electronic systems of major manufacturers such as Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad, B&G and Lowrance. Part-NET 1.0, and later Part-NET 2.0, have provided end users with a powerful tool to comfortably manage the entire desalination system, especially the pressure, temperature and salinity settings, from the plotter, or even from a smartphone when Internet connection is available, without the need for manual intervention. In particular, Part-NET 2.0 has added further flexibility and functionality by allowing end users to easily customise parameters quickly and independently, without any intervention from HP Watermakers.

“In these twenty years of collaboration between our shipyard and HP Watermakers, we can say that HP Watermakers have always given the greatest support in customising products for our needs, in terms of quality and after-sales assistance,” declares Kostas Christodoulou, Chief Operating Officer of Gulf Craft. “Having fully automatic systems on board gives our customers the opportunity to make water in complete safety and autonomy. The versatility of HP Watermakers make them a perfect fit for the luxurious Majesty 100 while the compact footprint is ideal for the adventurous nature of our Nomad 95 SUV. All in all, the HP Watermakers add further value to both our Majesty and Nomad line-ups.”

HP Watermakers has been a Gulf Craft partner for more than twenty years, but its presence has been constant in the UAE and throughout the Middle East for over twenty years. This presence has recently materialised with the creation of a commercial and assistance centre in Dubai, in addition to the others in the Maldives, South Africa and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, also identifying the areas of greatest presence of HP Watermakers which, not coincidentally, also correspond to the sites with the highest density of yachts and maxi yachts.

“The new headquarters in Dubai responds to a series of needs not only related to the collaboration with Gulf Craft, but to the need to have a real logistics hub that covers a large area that is commercially very interesting for us, from the Gulf countries till Indian Ocean and East Africa,” explains Gianni Zucco. “So it is a sales and service point in a strategic area. We must not forget that even if boating is our core business, our full automatic HP Watermakers are also used on ships, platforms, accommodation and logistics barges and on land in villas and resorts. In addition, of course, the office further tightens the relationship with Gulf Craft by being able to guarantee technical assistance services directly on site.”

HP Watermakers has installed its latest generation watermakers on two new Gulf Craft superyachts
HP Watermakers has installed its latest generation watermakers on two new Gulf Craft superyachts

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