• Photo of Honey touches

    Honey touches

    It is their colours that give fire and heat to jewels and semi-precious stones like cornelian, smoky quartz and chalcedony…

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  • Photo of Coral Fever

    Coral Fever

    From being a simple decoration, this jewel of the sea has become a valued and creative force in jewellery-making. Now…

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  • Photo of The Siren Song

    The Siren Song

    Inspired by these mythical figures, the sea and its wonderful, sometimes strange creatures. Ideal for those who can dare with…

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  • Photo of The queen of jewels

    The queen of jewels

    Pearls are a gift of nature, the result of a process that occurs almost accidentally, a magic that develops over…

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  • Photo of A girl’s Best Friend

    A girl’s Best Friend

    The power of a sunny, sparkling diamond and the energy of yellow are the perfect combination for a truly unique…

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  • Photo of The Magic of Wings

    The Magic of Wings

    Summer brings a longing for lightness, freedom and the dream of growing wings. It’s all made possible by pieces of…

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  • Photo of And the winner is green

    And the winner is green

    One of the five colours of summer 2017, it includes the entire palette of green shades.

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  • Photo of For the love of Bacchus

    For the love of Bacchus

    It’s said that Bacchus, the god of wine, took a fancy to an exceptionally beautiful wood nymph called Amethyst.

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  • Photo of Not only wood

    Not only wood

    The colour is warm, embracing and with an infinity of shades, textures and grains, from the lightest to the darkest,…

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  • Photo of The warmth of color

    The warmth of color

    Mahogany is one of the most highly-prized woods. Used in interior design for its soft tones, it’s also perfect for…

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