• Photo of Praetor


    The new Praetors are taking aim at the Midsize Jet market with style and hi-tech facilities. Their cabins feature innovative…

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  • Photo of Dassault Falcon 6X

    Dassault Falcon 6X

    Dassault’s Falcon 6X, scheduled to enter service in 2022, is a new business jet offering exciting levels of space and…

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  • Photo of Gulfstream G700s

    Gulfstream G700s

    The first G700s will be available in early 2022. Gulfstream is aiming high with a long-range business jet offering a…

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  • Photo of Milano Prime

    Milano Prime

    Milano Prime has a brand new Business & General Aviation Terminal at Malpensa international airport, an exclusive area where guests…

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  • Photo of Cessna 182

    Cessna 182

    Agile, straightforward flight deck management and easy to pilot. The Cessna 182 has made history and the “T” version fits…

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  • Photo of A little worker with a big heart

    A little worker with a big heart

    Modern and packed with technical features, the Phenom Enhanced is a light, agile twin-jet designed for short and medium range…

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  • Photo of Aurora Flight Services

    Aurora Flight Services

    Urban mobility is about to undergo a revolution, with flying taxis entering the realm of possibility. Aurora Flight Services is…

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  • Photo of New Aerion AS2

    New Aerion AS2

    Work is beginning on the first supersonic business jet. It will cost the same as an average-sized airliner but will…

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  • Photo of Cessna Wager

    Cessna Wager

    The American company takes on the ultra-luxury sector with its new Hemisphere. This business jet, set to appear in 2019,…

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  • Photo of Beechcraft’s King Air

    Beechcraft’s King Air

    It shrugs off competition from ultra-digitalised jets. Beechcraft’s King Air is a turboprop aircraft offering exceptional comfort, performance and consumption.…

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