• Photo of 407 GXi

    407 GXi

    A technical step forward and more for the 407 GXi. Prestigious materials in the cabin with noise cut to a…

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  • Photo of Koala AW119Kx

    Koala AW119Kx

    Powerful and more spacious than its competitors, the AW119Kx is a single-engine helicopter by Leonardo, a flying tender for medium…

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  • Photo of Leonardo’s A109SP Grand New

    Leonardo’s A109SP Grand New

    The A109SP Grand New is powered by two 735 hp Pratt & Whitney PW207C turboshaft engines. It is quite large,…

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  • Photo of Curti Zephir

    Curti Zephir

    The Zephir has a sleek, futuristic look. The two-seater from Curti is made using composite materials and is equipped with…

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  • Photo of Bell 505 Jet Ranger

    Bell 505 Jet Ranger

    This is a bird with big ambitions to become the leading light helicopter on the market. Designed specifically for quick,…

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  • Photo of KISS 216 by Famà Helicopters

    KISS 216 by Famà Helicopters

    A small, indispensable object of desire. The new KISS 216 from Famà Helicopters is produced in Italy’s Motor Valley, a…

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  • Photo of MH Helicopters 600N

    MH Helicopters 600N

    A true Stars and Stripes thoroughbred, the MD Helicopters 600N is a fast, robust single turbine that’s ideal for landing…

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