• Photo of Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic

    Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic

    Ultra-traditional wood meets futuristic carbon-fibre while classic and modern lines meld in the beautifully judged Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic. An…

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  • Photo of Wallytender 48

    Wallytender 48

    The new Wallytender 48 opens a whole new era for the iconic Wally brand, which is now part of the…

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  • Photo of Like the wind

    Like the wind

    A high performance super tender and much more besides: the Pardo 38 is the product of sophisticated design development and…

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  • Photo of Nerea Yacht NY24

    Nerea Yacht NY24

    Cooler than cool: Nerea Yacht has chosen a runabout as its debut model. Sculpted lines, lots of teak and blistering…

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  • Photo of Nauta Tender 48

    Nauta Tender 48

    Two seating areas under the hard top and two sun pads in the cruising version of the cockpit. Once the…

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  • Photo of Frauscher 1017 GT

    Frauscher 1017 GT

    Thanks to its rare elegance, sophisticated design, sublime quality and sporty soul, the Frauscher 1017 GT is an invitation to…

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  • Photo of Compass Tenders

    Compass Tenders

    Stretching 11.2 metres in length and 3.53 in the beam, this open limo draws 0.56 metres and is powered by…

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  • Photo of Enata Marine Foiler, On the crest of the wave

    Enata Marine Foiler, On the crest of the wave

    With two carbon fibre hydrofoils it flies above the water at 40 knots, and has an aggressive, attractive design. Made…

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  • Photo of Sacs Rebel 47 Open

    Sacs Rebel 47 Open

    The crossover is the latest addition to the endlessly varied motorboat family. In the Rebel 47 Open, SACS has produced…

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  • Photo of Pirelli 1900

    Pirelli 1900

    Designed by the Ocke Mannerfelt Design of Sweden, the Pirelli 1900 is clothed in a sleek high-tech carbon-fibre livery and…

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