• Photo of CMC Marine

    CMC Marine

    Experiencing the sea without being dominated by it. CMC develops tailor-made integrated helm control systems and stabiliser fins, crucial elements…

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  • Photo of Wave sounds

    Wave sounds

    Classic loudpseakers are being superseded by invisible speakers that are perfectly integrated into furnishings. They provide oustanding fidelity and a…

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  • Photo of A question of balance

    A question of balance

    Because they eliminate roll and make life aboard so much more pleasant, stabilisers have become something of a must even…

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  • Photo of Team Italia

    Team Italia

    Team Italia continues to break exciting new ground with its leading-edge, fully-custom bridge systems. And has now added its partnership…

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  • Photo of The future is green

    The future is green

    MTU’s new completely integrated diesel-electric system debuts in 2020, marking such a huge leap forward in energy efficiency and onboard…

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  • Photo of Cantalupi Light

    Cantalupi Light

    Light is playing an increasingly important role and light units include an ever-greater degree of engineering. R&D is crucial and…

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  • Photo of Seeing means believing

    Seeing means believing

    Named the next big computer platform by Goldman Sachs’ 2016 Equity Research, Virtual Reality has evolved rapidly since its early…

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  • Photo of Remote Control System

    Remote Control System

    Ships are now included among the many types of self-piloting transport in the news today. The first trials involve cargo…

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  • Photo of Luce 5

    Luce 5

    Creating the perfect lighting system demands a technical soul. That’s the approach adopted by Luce 5, lightmakers for the high…

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  • Photo of Cantalupi Lighting

    Cantalupi Lighting

    New technology is driving developments in lighting, transforming it into a means of creating emotions, defining architectural elements and enhancing…

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