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  • Photo of Nuvolari Lenard MCY 66

    Nuvolari Lenard MCY 66

    The MCY 66 is 20 metres long and 5.20 metres wide. Powered by two 1,200 hp Man V8 engines it…

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  • Photo of CMC Marine

    CMC Marine

    Experiencing the sea without being dominated by it. CMC develops tailor-made integrated helm control systems and stabiliser fins, crucial elements…

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  • Photo of Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic

    Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic

    Ultra-traditional wood meets futuristic carbon-fibre while classic and modern lines meld in the beautifully judged Wooden Boats WB40’ Classic. An…

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  • Photo of Wave sounds

    Wave sounds

    Classic loudpseakers are being superseded by invisible speakers that are perfectly integrated into furnishings. They provide oustanding fidelity and a…

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  • Photo of Wallytender 48

    Wallytender 48

    The new Wallytender 48 opens a whole new era for the iconic Wally brand, which is now part of the…

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  • Photo of Riding the crest of the wave

    Riding the crest of the wave

    A unique experience: luxury, well-being and comfort abound aboard the Ferretti 720, a sporty, dynamic-looking yacht with superbly designed quality…

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  • Photo of A question of balance

    A question of balance

    Because they eliminate roll and make life aboard so much more pleasant, stabilisers have become something of a must even…

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  • Photo of Like the wind

    Like the wind

    A high performance super tender and much more besides: the Pardo 38 is the product of sophisticated design development and…

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  • Photo of Nerea Yacht NY24

    Nerea Yacht NY24

    Cooler than cool: Nerea Yacht has chosen a runabout as its debut model. Sculpted lines, lots of teak and blistering…

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  • Photo of Yamaha Waverunner 2020

    Yamaha Waverunner 2020

    Yamaha’s new Waverunner 2020 collection is ready to go. And it’s as agile, easy to handle and good-looking as ever.

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