Art On Board

  • Photo of Art On Board – Special Effects

    Art On Board – Special Effects

    With installations and light sculptures, Video art is breaking out of the screens, inspiring emotion and providing intellectual stimulation.

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  • Photo of Ethnic Trends

    Ethnic Trends

    Contemporary African art is a growing market, driven by creative freshness. Not to miss, the works on show at the…

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  • A dialogue between East and West

    The M+ Museum is set to open in 2020. Located in Hong Kong, it will be one of the largest…

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  • Photo of The ART BASEL Mega-Show

    The ART BASEL Mega-Show

    With three events across the world, it’s now an obligatory destination for philanthropists, entrepreneurs, business people billionaires, collectors and connoisseurs.…

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  • Photo of The allure of sub-Saharan Africa

    The allure of sub-Saharan Africa

    The rarest pieces date all the way back to the 17th Century and come from Benin, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast,…

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  • Photo of Wood and Freedom

    Wood and Freedom

    The infinite creative potential offered by this material has made it the choice of many artists. Used for works in…

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  • Photo of Figurative Art makes a comeback

    Figurative Art makes a comeback

    Painting, photography and video. The visual arts reinvent the classics with brilliant “green”.

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  • Photo of Photo Finish

    Photo Finish

    Regardless of whether they are classic or contemporary, original fine art photographs have carved out their rightful place in the…

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  • Photo of Precious Waste

    Precious Waste

    Metal, wood, fragments of all kinds of material, including trash. Waste transformed into masterworks that helped write the story of…

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  • Photo of Creativity and Compromise

    Creativity and Compromise

    Futurism, Valori Plastici, Novecento, Scuola Romana, the Italians of Paris – increasing attention is being paid to the exceptional artistic…

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