Young Talents

  • Photo of Lorenzo Maria Taccagni

    Lorenzo Maria Taccagni

    For Lorenzo Maria Taccagni, design should lie at the basis of every creative project, because the artistic expression between hand…

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  • Photo of Gabriele Teruzzi

    Gabriele Teruzzi

    Gabriele Teruzzi’s Elle.D is more than just a creative milestone for the young designer - her 108 sqm sun deck,…

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  • Photo of Stingray Touch

    Stingray Touch

    The design aims to create elegantly modern forms and to raise ecological awareness. Influenced by the shape and movement of…

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  • Photo of Satura Studio Team

    Satura Studio Team

    The three young Satura Studio founders developed the 45-metre platform from the K-Series by Floating Life for their graduate thesis.…

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  • Photo of Giovanni Griggio

    Giovanni Griggio

    Giovanni Griggio has created this unconventional explorer vessel concept for Rosetti Superyachts. A 52-metre inspired by nature and designed to…

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  • Photo of Dani Santa Vives

    Dani Santa Vives

    Dani Santa Vives’ radical and refreshing bio-inspired Aquila concept is clothed in a gracefully sculptural organic exoskeleton topped with zero-emissions…

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  • Photo of Nicolò Piredda

    Nicolò Piredda

    Great swathes of glazing, dynamic lines and clever, versatile spaces that transform interiors and exteriors: Nicolò Piredda’s 60-metre explorer proves…

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  • Photo of Francesca Romana Treleani

    Francesca Romana Treleani

    An uninterrupted connection with the sea, nature and light are constants in all the most important spaces on I-Tron, a…

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  • Photo of Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith is a recently graduated British designer who honed his skills during an internship with Team 4 Design by…

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  • Photo of Thibaud Le Merdy

    Thibaud Le Merdy

    An ambitious concept that earned Thibaud Le Merdy the Young Designer of the Year award in 2017, Comète is clothed…

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