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  • Photo of Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton

    Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton

    The home page of their website is something of a manifesto for these two architects’ personal design vision.

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  • Photo of Rubelli – Nicolò Favaretto

    Rubelli – Nicolò Favaretto

    Rubelli operates in a variety of sectors from residential to hotels, naval, airport and yachting as well as historic palazzos,…

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  • Photo of Patricia Urquiola

    Patricia Urquiola

    Spanish by birth and Milanese by adoption, she is one of the world’s hottest designers. Here she tells us about…

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  • Photo of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda

    Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda

    Comfortable luxury is the hallmark of their designs. A portrait of Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda two personalities with complementary…

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  • Photo of Luca Nichetto

    Luca Nichetto

    An established new-generation designer, he works with prestigious furniture brands like Hermès, and his ideas also shape sail yacht interiors.…

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  • Photo of Roberto Gavazzi

    Roberto Gavazzi

    The kitchen are more and more the heart of the house, communicating with other spaces. It’s the place we socialise,…

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  • Photo of Matteo Thun, The architecture of wellbeing

    Matteo Thun, The architecture of wellbeing

    From products to resorts, this design studio strives for zero impact and respect for location, an innovative approach that still…

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  • Photo of Karim Rashid

    Karim Rashid

    He has wielded his creative pen prodigiously on everything from architecture to interiors and high tech products. We sat down…

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  • Photo of Oki Sato

    Oki Sato

    Designer Oki Sato, the heart and soul of the Nendo studio, pictured in his installation Invisible Outlines, made in Milan…

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  • Photo of Piero Lissoni

    Piero Lissoni

    The One Yacht and Design meets one of the hottest Italian architects on the scene right now. He turns his…

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